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Technology Adapts To The Needs Of Humans, So Appreciate It

It’s pretty sentimental to talk about old technology that we remember from our childhood. Whether it is that first Sega genesis you got on your 8th birthday or the first house alarm system that you would always trigger accidentally in your old house, it just seems like those days are ages ago. And maybe they are, but what makes technology so special in our hearts? Perhaps it is the fact that as we mature and advance as a species, technology is right there with us, aiding us and making sure that we progress with the best and newest gear available.

This leads us to be able to save more peoples lives with better medical equipment, listen to our favorite songs with some pretty high definition audio systems, or even fly a drone with a camera in it to get a birds eye view of the landscape. We live in a society where convenience is a must and technology only assists in that spectacle that we seek so often. Just take a look at your daily routine for example. What used to take a long time in shaving down that beard, now takes five minutes with the use of these high tech beard trimmers. Same can be said for women and their lady razors or epilators as they call them.

Life is much easier and perhaps more bearable now, and that is directly the result of technological advancements. It’s even more fun now too with all these incredible innovations coming out such as the android powered TV by Xiaomi. There is no doubt that we are still far away from developing truly life changing technology, but we are definitely on the right path and while it may take time, we have already made significant advances when you just look back 30 years. Who knew the internet would take off as much as it did and become the information haven that it is today? You would not be reading this article had it not been for these advances.

If we could back in time and tell ourselves that we would be able to fly actual hover boards, like Back To The Future predicted back in the 1980s, you would think that we are crazy. But we are actually there and these things do exist, while they are still not as cool as the one in the movie. But that’s the thing, one day and pretty soon they will be. So the next time that you are using one or in the presence of one of these major technological wonders, take a step back and appreciate it for what it is. Think about how long it took to develop such a progressed culture, and be excited for what the future holds!

Samsung Developing Robots To Replace Cheap Chinese Labor

The South Korean ministry of trade, industry and energy has granted electronics major Samsung a million dollar finding to build affordable factory robots which can perform convoluted tasks usually carried out by adept human hands.

As per Government statement, the $14.8 million investment is meant to assist the manufacturing sector to compete with cheap labor readily available in China. Samsung has been given an assignment to develop Precision Robots, which are usually imported from foreign countries and are rather costly. The South Korean Government expects Samsung to carry out the assigned task by the end of 2018.

As per the statement released by the ministry on behalf of the South Korean Government:

“Once affordable robots reach the market and we more widely used, it can lead to the creation of smart factories and bring about far-reaching innovations to the manufacturing sector.”

Samsung, along with its many Smartphone manufacturing competitors, relies on cheap labor to produce and assemble many of its devices including Smartphones and other consumer electronics. The increased labor wages have led prominent tech companies from around the world to face diminished profit margins. This seems the principle reason behind Samsung’s move towards automated factories.

Metro UK had previously reported that Samsung is taking another step towards an automated-dominant world. The electronics major has now confirmed that it is in collaboration with the South Korean Government to build precision machines that would potentially be able to replace the human workers

According to IFR, there has been a significant rise in the requirement for robots in the past few years, which apparently means that many industries are eager to deviate from manual human work to automated robots. In its report, IFR has interpreted that

“In 2014, robot sales increased by 29% to 229,261 units, by far the highest level ever recorded for one year. Sales of industrial robots to all industries increased compared to 2013. The automotive parts suppliers and the electrical/electronics industry were the main drivers of the growth.”

Merely 10 percent of all manufacturing operations are consummated by robots; however the figure is expected to rise to 20% by 2025.

According to Wired Magazine, Samsung also has intentions to develop motors, controllers, precision machines and sensor encoders using automated plants.The South Korean ministry has also claimed that if the project is successfully realized, Samsung will cater blueprint of bulk-produced, six-axis vertical enunciate robots which ultimately will decrease the labor reliance to make consumer electronics.

Previously Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group had also hinted of its intentions to use robots and other automated equipment and machinery to carry out 70% of its assembly line work.

The Government wants the home country to become a robotics powerhouse- a corner which has long been occupied by the neighbor country, Japan.

The question is will the tech giant be able to build robots to successfully develop consumer electronics? What will be the influence of this move on the manufacturing sector of the country? What consequences the economy will face with replacement of labor with the automated machinery? Is this destiny of any(or all) other industry(s)as well? A little wait will reveal the facts but for now huge hopes and expectationshingeon the South Korean company’s output for the effective future change.

XIAOMI Launches Android Powered MI TV3 With 60-Inches 4K Display

Famous China-based consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, has recently unveiled an affordable lineup comprising of a few outstanding products including a two wheel vehicle, a slim TV and the Ninebot Mini.

Mi TV3 is said to be the replacement of 48-inchesMi TV 2S, released earlier this year.

Mi TV3 uses one of the finest panels from Samsung and LG and is essentially frameless. The device features a 47-inches full HD display with 1920×1080pscreen resolution. The 8.4 mm frame makes Mi TV3super slim and gives you unmatchable clarity from any angle. Mi TV3 also encapsulates DTS and Dolby stereo which ensure best quality audio experience. You certainly cannot miss any scene with a 178 degrees wide viewing angle. Mi TV 3 combines paramount LCD displays from the leading brands in the world, Samsung and LG
The device features an in-built Mi Box to offer thousands of TV shows and HD movies. The Mi TV 3 assimilates SMB, Airplay, DLNA and Miracast. The device also supports mirror videos and images from your handset or PC. To furnish smooth streaming, TV 3 uses the 2×2 dual aerial, 2.4 GHz /5GHz dual WiFi channel.
The Mi TV 3 is the prodigious gaming beast. The device is powered by Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7G processor along with Adreno 320 GPU. It also features a 2GB DDR3 memory with 8GB of eMMC 4.41storage. You can hook up your gaming controller and headphonesvia Bluetooth 4.0 and you are set to score.

You can truly experience the 3D display in your home entertainment now. With your free pair of 3D glasses get your TV experience alive.

The use of 2G DDR3 dual channel memory along with an 8GB eMMC high speed flash memory has enabled Mi TV3 to become the first of its kind. You can run 1080 p HD videos and huge, graphics-heavy games just the right way with the dual channel memory. eMMC high-speed flash memory apps on the other hand ensure convenient multimedia storage and gaming.

To shake the speed, M TV 3 integrates 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO technology aided Wi-Fi which will let you experience the most seamless streaming you have ever wished for.

Now you can enjoy an amazing surround sound experience with Mi TV 3 individually separated speaker chamber and in-built Dolby and DTS 2.0 backing.

You can precisely run and play videos and music from the external hard drive on Mi TV3. In addition the device also supports various HD formats including MKV, MP4, MOV and AVI.

Forget the hassle of having to deal with a huge control with more buttons than you can keep track of. With a simple 11 button control, you can now enjoy intuitive and natural navigation with the unmatchable remote revolution.

Mi TV 3 is claimed by Xiaomi to be the fastest TV in the world. You can now instantly switch channels with its in-built Mi Box.

For your convenience, there are quite a few smart display modes available including Cinematic, Vibrant, Standard, Sports etc. which will present a captivating visual experience to your eyes.

This phenomenal Mi TV 3 experience will cost you around RMB 999 (€138, $157).